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Well folks, our amazing fantastic Kilted Piper Tours followers…it’s finally here!!!! We have at last gotten down to some typing time and created our Scotland Blog for your enjoyment.

We hope to bring you varied, interesting facts, funny anecdotes and some real Scottish ‘banter’, with new posts at least weekly.

Now what we need from you…OUR BLOG NEEDS YOU !!!

What would you like us to highlight/discuss/chat about or advise on?

We have had a wee think about some of the things you’d maybe like to see on here. Firstly for those lucky enough to be coming over for a wee visit, ‘Our Ultimate Guide of where to visit’, must sees, advice on clothing, best months to visit weather wise, food to sample. Maybe it’s real historical facts of areas you plan to visit (not just what google has on offer), or maybe you’ve been looking into your ancestry or heritage. We are here to help if we can.

So get those fingers a tapping and let us know what you think …we are waiting patiently for yer banter.


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Wee Scottish Blog

Wee Scottish Blog

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