Visit 7 of the most Beautiful Places in Scotland

With a treasure trove of delightful places to visit in Scotland, we have compiled an extensive list utilising our local inside knowledge.

From the beautiful south of Scotland, Mull of Galloway to the magical Isle of Skye, in the north, Scotland is brimming with picturesque places to discover for all who visit her shores.

Whether you are still in the planning stages of your big adventure to Bonnie Scotland, or found yourself over here and not sure where to explore. Perhaps you are realising your lifelong dream of visiting one day, or embarking on an ancestral heritage tour. Here we have listed for you some of the best must see places to experience.

We have tried to incorporate something for everyone, but we would be more than delighted to offer more detailed bespoke private tour itineraries to suit every budget and every group’s needs.

So for just now, kick off your shoes, relax with a dram or a coffee as we take you on a virtual tour of what could lie in store for you, on your visit to our magical country, Scotland.

1. Edinburgh

Undoubtedly, no trip to Scotland would be complete without a visit to our capital city, Edinburgh. The perfect place to start your trip, Edinburgh offers the best balance of tradition and modernity, entertainment and history.

Whether you’re winding your way up the Royal Mile to the magnificent castle or exploring the food, art and music in some of the trendier neighbourhoods, Edinburgh is the best place to cater for all tastes and interests.

2. Rosslyn Chapel

Fans of Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ will be familiar with the enigmatic enchantment of Rosslyn Chapel; its intricate architecture and sublime, symbolic stonework has captured the imagination of those who have made the pilgrimage to its grounds since the fifteenth century.

With a fascinating history and legendary myths and mysteries it is undoubtedly a must-see place to visit during a trip to Scotland.

3. Loch Lomond

For a moment of tranquillity, Loch Lomond’s bonnie banks are a must-see for visitors to Scotland who are looking to soak up the grandeur of the gateway to the Highlands.

With centuries of history in its dark depths and surrounding towering hills, Loch Lomond also offers a wide variety of activities and the best spots of wild beauty which you will find hard to beat.

4. Loch Ness

Another Loch with dark depths full of mystery is, of course, Loch Ness. All the best monster-related activities can be catered for in this, Scotland’s most voluminous body of water and no trip would be complete without a visit to Urquhart Castle whose shadowy silhouette stands steeped in history upon the shore.

5. Glencoe

Fewer landscapes are so synonymous to Scotland’s breathtakingly rugged beauty than that of Glencoe. A visit to this Highland glen invokes a romantic melancholy as its awesome magnificence is still haunted by its poignant past, the brooding mountains a perpetual lament to the treacherous massacre of the Clan MacDonald.

Glencoe’s stunning scenery is so iconic it has been the backdrop to many films such as Harry Potter, Skyfall, The 39 Steps and, of course, Braveheart.

6. Isle of Skye

In any list of the best places to visit in Scotland you will, undoubtedly, find a visit to Skye, and this world-famous destination will not disappoint. With enchanting castles, wild coastline and a craggy mountainous landscape, the Cloud Island is the largest of the Hebrides and has a history and landscape which will captivate you once you have crossed the bridge or sped over on the bonnie boat.

7. Mount Stuart House

Mount Stuart House is a must see for art, heraldry, astrology and mythology lovers. It is arguably the most spectacular Victorian Gothic house in Scotland.

This outstanding architectural fantasy home of the 3rd marquess of Bute, is located on the beautiful Isle of Bute, on the West Coast of Scotland.

This marvellous house is the ancestral home of the seventh marquess of Bute, also known as Johnny Bute (or his nickname, Johnny Dumfries from his Formula One racing adventures).

Immerse yourself in the astonishing history and marvel at the piece de resistance in the Marble Hall. Gaze at the glistening light shining through twelve stained glass windows of the signs of the zodiac. This is a truly remarkable and extraordinary house to visit on your trip to Scotland.

It is highly recommended to take the opportunity of a one hour guided tour of the house, which concludes at the Bute Kitchens. The food is delicious, made onsite fresh, and the majority of the ingredients are picked from the estate’s Kitchen Garden.

The extensive 300-acre gardens, sit in luscious landscape and wild woodlands that offer a selection of different walks, catering for various abilities. You can stroll down to the inviting stretch of private beach, enjoy some peace and tranquillity, whilst absorbing the panoramic views on offer of the splendid Clyde Riviera.

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